The Qtrade Investor online brokerage is a simple, secure and affordable way to invest online.

The #1 Ranked Online Brokerage

Why choose Qtrade Investor?

Exceptional value

Low commissions keep more of your dollars invested. Priced at $8.75 per trade for the typical investor and $6.95 for more active or higher asset traders. Plus, choose from 100 free ETFs and trade mutual funds commission free.

Qtrade Investor’s easy-to-use and comprehensive trading platform has consistently been rated among Canada’s best by independent reviewers, including The Globe and Mail, MoneySense, and Surviscor.

Prompt, friendly service is part of the Qtrade experience. Get the right answers and solutions, right away. Knowledgeable investment representatives are ready to help you open a new account, transfer funds, or place a trade.

Build a diversified portfolio from a wide range of investments including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, term deposits (GICs), and options, plus new issues/IPOs.

Stay connected to the markets, wherever, whenever. Invest, monitor your portfolio position and access market information online, with Qtrade Mobile for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

In-depth research and powerful tools help you set goals, find and evaluate investing ideas, and review your portfolio. Qtrade gives you all the essentials, plus plenty of extras, including real-time quotes, analysts’ recommendations, market news, investment screening tools, model portfolios, technical data, and much more.

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Award-winning trading experience

Outstanding service

Investment choices

Convenient access

Planning and research tools

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Ranked best online broker of 2018 by Surviscor, providing the best overall online investor experience in the Canadian online discount broker landscape.

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Qtrade Investor is designed for those who are confident in making their own investment decisions and want to save time and money with easy and secure online trading services. 

With Qtrade Investor it's easy to build a diversified portfolio of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, term deposits (GICs) and more.

“A progressive firm committed to continual improvement.” 

- Glenn LaCoste, Surviscor president and CEO

“Number one in customer service.” 

- Moneysense, 2018

“The optimum do-it-yourself investing experience.”

- The Globe and Mail, 2017